My work with schools and colleges

• Addresses the on-going need amongst teachers and school leaders to manage the pressures and stresses they may experience in their work role and in their personal life.

• Helps teachers manage pressure and stop it turning into stress.

• Highlights the negative coping strategies that people commonly use and how to avoid them.

• Demonstrates the importance of focusing on resources rather than demands.

• Leaves delegates with a clear understanding of what motivates all human behavior.

• Provides a diverse range of psychological and practical techniques to reduce pressure and stress.

• Is enjoyable, interesting, insightful and beneficial.

17 Years, 700 Schools, 25,000 Teachers, 4000 Sixth Formers

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"Excellent. Very appropriate. Jon is so knowledgeable and also so balanced. All is so relevant and easy to implement. Would highly recommend and would like more of the same. Thank you!"

Claire Poole, Curriculum Director, Rougement School.

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