I'd strongly suggest you connect with Jon and deeply discuss your needs and desired outcomes - you won't be disappointed.

Natalya Deliy, HR Country Lead, NIKE Russia

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Resilience training for leaders and high achievers - JBE Health

Leaders, talent and other high-achievers inevitably come under pressure in their corporate roles.

But life's challenges don't stop at work: family, health, society and high expectations can all at times test their resilience.

Being emotionally healthy is the key to facing all of life's challenges confidently and successfully.

It's not just about simply being happier. In addition, being emotionally healthy is directly linked to better physical health, motivation, communication and performance.

All of which are fantastic benefits not just for the individual, but for your organisation, too.


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Welcome! I'm Jon Bockelmann-Evans.

Like many professionals, I've experienced both the highs and lows of life. My careers in the NHS and as a trainer have taught me the immense impact of emotional health - on happiness AND performance.

Presenting to more than 40,000 leaders and employees over 20 years, I have developed a unique program that combines physical, psychological and personal development.

My training is instantly effective, highly enjoyable and equips your people with practical tools to manage their wellbeing under pressure - in and outside of work.

Jon Bockelmann-Evans, resilience and emotional health trainer at JBE Health

"The training you provided was absolutely superb. Our team has been abuzz with positivity and I have received excellent feedback on course content and the professional way you delivered it.”

Mark Palmer, Training Coordinator, CORTEVA Agriscience

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