3 Simple Wellbeing Concepts – #1: Happiness

There is absolutely nothing wrong with NOT feeling happy all the time!

Just because you may not feel happy or you don’t feel that your wellbeing is ‘good’ at the moment, doesn’t mean that you don’t know how to feel happy.

ALL humans know how to feel happy. Let me say that again because it’s so important:

All humans know how to feel happy.

It’s built in.

If you look at your average, healthy 3-year-old kid, as long as that child has their basic physical and emotional needs met, they will naturally be happy. You don’t have to teach them how to be happy, it just happens, because they’re built that way.

It’s the same for adults. That innate ability to be happy is in all of us. It’s natures sublime answer to the question of how the hell humans have come through the extreme rigours of our early evolutionary years.

We adapted from being unreasoning, instinct-guided animals, into cognisant, emotionally-driven beings. Along the way, we must have experienced almost unimaginable hardship; hunger, thirst, cold, heat, pain, loss, and difficult deaths.

What stopped our ancestors from throwing the towel in and committing mass suicide? Wellbeing, that’s what. Hard-wired into our DNA. The ability to take pleasure from the mundane, the everyday and the unremarkable. To see the funny side, to relate a humorous event to others, and to laugh at ourselves. To feel connected to other people and to unconsciously ‘know’ that they are like us.

The trouble is as we get older, the wellbeing and natural happiness that a 3-year-old experiences gets covered up by feelings of responsibility, stress, anxiety, frustration and all the various emotional scars and traumas we experience as we make our way through life.

Nobody needs lessons on how to feel happy. What we do sometimes need help with, is how to manage the things that stop us feeling happy. Do that and the happiness looks after itself.

So please don’t worry about trying to feel ‘happy’ or about how to boost your ‘wellbeing’.

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About the Author

Jon is a highly experienced wellbeing specialist, trainer and clinician who helps busy, overwhelmed people to boost joy, bounce-back-ability and performance in and outside of work.