Hi, I'm Jon Bockelmann-Evans.

My career in healthcare started in the early 1990s in Wales. Having qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist and Psychotherapist, I left the NHS in 2000 to establish JBE Health.

Very quickly, I became one of the most in-demand trainers in the UK, running in excess of 60 training courses per year, mainly in the educational sector.


Four years later, I met my soulmate, Bettina.

For a short while, life was going brilliantly - until it wasn’t.

Being diagnosed with testicular cancer turns your world upside down, unexpectedly and extremely. Within days I had to undergo surgery, followed by chemotherapy and months of rest and recovery.

During this challenging time, I made two life decisions:

Firstly, I was going to get through this. I started devising a way to blend the practical elements of my physio training with my psychology skills and some of the personal development concepts I was applying to help me through the darkest hours of my illness.

From this, I created a unique and powerful combination of techniques, strategies and belief systems. Forged in the most testing of conditions, these have become the mainstay of my training content and have helped tens of thousands of people face up to their own life challenges - be they professional or personal.

Secondly, I wasn’t going to waste another second of my life. I proposed to Bettina and we married the following year. We’re now the proud parents of two beautiful and healthy children.

Since then, I’ve taken nothing for granted.

Having started by running a basic 90-minute session entitled ‘Essential Stress Management’ for a group of teachers in a school near London, I now work with global giants such as Nike, Dow and Merck, running courses for their most senior people in locations all around the world.


My training courses are the pragmatic result of two decades of experience in both physical and psychological therapy.

More importantly, they are designed to give high achievers the practical tools they need to stay emotionally healthy and meet life’s challenges competently and confidently – both in and out of work.

"I have to say that your presentation was brilliant. You made complex ideas simple and covered difficult areas with both a lightness of touch and a terrific sense of humour.”

Sebastian Chambers, Managing Director, CIL UK