Bricks and Mortar

I haven’t got time for that! I was out recently with a group of friends, all of whom are bright, successful people, well respected in their fields. You could describe them collectively as being at the top of their respective games. One of them, a university academic, commented that although she really enjoys her job, READ MORE

3 Simple Wellbeing Concepts – #3: Size Matters

See it small, feel it small. Big. Small. You decide. You’ll remember from my ‘Simple Concept 1’ blog from a couple of weeks ago that feeling happy is something that all humans are innately able to do. The reason we don’t all feel happy all of the time is that when we experience negative emotions READ MORE

3 Simple Wellbeing Concepts – #2: Normal

There’s no such thing as Normal. We think it’s normal, don’t we, to wake up in the morning and more or less expect our day to go OK. We certainly don’t expect to experience profound hunger all day or to not have fresh water to drink. We don’t anticipate relentless, unmanageable pain. We certainly don’t READ MORE

3 Simple Wellbeing Concepts – #1: Happiness

There is absolutely nothing wrong with NOT feeling happy all the time! Just because you may not feel happy or you don’t feel that your wellbeing is ‘good’ at the moment, doesn’t mean that you don’t know how to feel happy. ALL humans know how to feel happy. Let me say that again because it’s READ MORE

The 3 Most Unhelpful Words in Wellbeing

There is a confusing, misleading and unhelpful bit of terminology that is embedded in the public consciousness. Unfortunately, it is in common everyday use and so often causes a snigger or groan when mentioned. That phrase is ‘Work Life Balance’.  It’s confusing because it suggests that ‘Work’ and ‘Life’ are somehow the opposite of each READ MORE