How pets can support emotional health

It is widely known that having a pet can bring with it many benefits. Owners of cats, dogs, or in fact, any animal can gain some advantages by having a 4 legged companion. Most pet owners feel more positive and enjoy the time that they share or spend caring for their pets. But there are READ MORE

The connection between empathy and emotional health

Empathy. Some have it, some don’t. Or so it may seem. Like most qualities, it can be present to a greater or lesser degree in humans and is an important factor in connecting and establishing relationships with other people. Empathy is useful for seeing a situation from another person’s perspective and truly understanding the impact READ MORE

How to prevent emotional stress from impacting your job

Maintaining good health and wellbeing is important for mental and physical fitness. With daily life throwing a huge amount of problems, issues, and obstacles our way, stress levels can sometimes rise so that they feel unmanageable. When these high amounts of emotional stress spill over into the workplace, it can create problems.  Work performance, attendance, READ MORE

How the lack of sleep can deplete emotional health

Getting a good night’s sleep is not only essential when it comes to resting and recharging our batteries, but having a proper sleep routine can help to maintain better emotional health. Not only does this mean sleeping for an adequate amount of time is needed to replenish the body’s vital systems, but other important systems READ MORE

Managing physical symptoms of poor emotional health

While many of us carve out time to visit the gym, exercise, or otherwise partake in activities to keep our body healthy, it is a fact that we do not dedicate the same level of attention to our emotional wellness. There have been a number of studies conducted into emotional stress to determine how symptoms READ MORE

Take part in a FREE Happiness Programme Taster Session

Is your workforce looking a bit jaded or dejected? Is morale not as high as it once was? It is not surprising. There have been many recent factors impacting emotional wellbeing, and it might be time to provide your leaders and colleagues with an uplifting programme that will enrich and improve their working lives. Running READ MORE

Benefits of having an emotionally healthy workforce

Owing to the recent pandemic, emotional health issues have arisen that for many, have impacted the ability to work or function as normal during daily life. Stress, anxiety, and turmoil have affected thousands of people that normally don’t suffer from any emotional issues.  The workplace environment has undergone a dramatic shift with employees being furloughed READ MORE

Emotional Health – the Missing Link

This blog contains information extracted from my one-hour webinar ‘Emotional Health: The Missing Link’. If you’d like to arrange for Jon to run the webinar for your team or employees please, Click This Link. I refer to Emotional Health (EH) as being ‘The Missing Link’ not because it’s really missing, but because EH is generally READ MORE

Top 6 Reasons for Choosing an External Training Provider

As an independent specialist leadership trainer, I’m occasionally asked (usually by the CFO or FinanceDept of a prospective client) why they should engage my services when they could use their own in-house trainers. Here are my Top 6 Reasons on why you should choose JBE Health before reverting to your in-house team. UNIQUE: I present READ MORE