With the world in the grip of the Coronavirus crisis, your people are bound to feel anxious. Like all of us, they are apprehensive and concerned about their health, their loved ones, their jobs and their future. But even before the pandemic, our society was more unhealthy, medicated and unhappy than ever before.

JBE Health resilience stress management training for schools and colleges

In response to this pressing need, I surveyed a number of my top clients, including Nike, Dow, BMI Group and Warwickshire County Council to find out exactly what topics they thought their employees most needed some emotional support with.

Using this data in conjunction with my own clinical experience and some of the best techniques, strategies and concepts I’ve used over the years in my live training courses, I have developed webinars as well as the online training course 'How to cope during the Coronavirus Crisis'.

Being able to support my clients and their teams wherever they find themselves is more important than ever. This is why I’ve adapted my successful face-to-face approach to be fully deliverable online. To ensure my online presentations are of the highest quality I have qualified as a Certified Virtual Presenter.



The anxiety surrounding a pandemic and the pressures and isolation of working from home have left their marks on most of us. But with the spectre of ongoing economic challenges on the horizon, the uncertainties are set to continue even as the country opens up again.

Even though they can feel gruelling, most emotionally rough patches we encounter don’t result in mental health problems. Often, even a small intervention can help you and your team feel like they are better able to cope.

So I created a number of resources for people to watch in their own time so they can get help and support with their Emotional Health.

Clients have used these to support their staff, but also their students and relatives of their staff. Because we’re all in this together, and a strong support network can help your people stay strong, too.

"Highly recommend - currently rolling out - staff have found the techniques not only beneficial to them but also for friends and family members”

Vanessa Wilson, Neighbourhood Working Programme Director,
London Borough of Lambeth

You can find out more about the course by watching the video or downloading the pdf brochure on the right.

Hit the link below to skip straight to the online course and get access for yourself or your employees directly.

Single, multi-user and high volume user licences are available with specially discounted prices for the NHS, essential keyworkers and schools.
Please contact me with the number of user licences you require for an accurate cost: jon@jbehealth.com


If you’d rather speak to a person or are interested in live training for your team, contact me about a free taster session for the hugely popular Happiness Programme.