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Is your workforce looking a bit jaded or dejected? Is morale not as high as it once was? It is not surprising. There have been many recent factors impacting emotional wellbeing, and it might be time to provide your leaders and colleagues with an uplifting programme that will enrich and improve their working lives.

Running an emotional health programme for your workforce can bring much in the way of positive results. Along with demonstrating unity and compassion, it can reinforce productive employee relationships between colleagues, and build better resilience among leaders. Many organisations have found that the benefits gained from good emotional health can last for months and even years into the future, building a firmer foundation for ongoing workplace relationships and fruitful collaborations. 

During the recent Covid19 pandemic, people have been faced with challenges never before experienced. Working from home, dealing with health risks; perceived and actual, or finding an increase in general anxiety has been a new reality experienced by many. In times of crisis, it can be easy to depend on negative coping techniques to manage these overwhelming feelings. Negative ways of handling situations can create long-term problems that then become difficult to escape, generating a never-ending spiral of poor choices or bad decisions. Being able to break these poor choice cycles and rely on positive strategies can yield favourable and healthier long-term results.

As a certified virtual trainer, health care professional, and psychotherapist I have incorporated the valuable knowledge learned over my career and created a number of courses designed to help businesses improve their workforce’s emotional health. Leaders and employees that are burdened with stress or anxiety cannot operate to their full potential. Stress and negativity can permeate the whole team and affect the performance of an entire department or company.

With face-to-face training and virtual webinars, I build self-awareness to help individuals recognise their reactions and responses to stress-triggers, and develop strategies to help better manage their emotional response. My courses have been attended by delegates from businesses large and small, recognizable brand leaders, and local authority offices. 

98% of participants would recommend my courses, with feedback indicating that individuals found real value in being understood and having their emotional needs responded to in a creative and original way. 

Try the Happiness Programme virtual session

Committing to a programme can be daunting if you are unsure how it will be perceived by leaders and staff. I want to help you determine if the course will be useful for your company by offering you a chance to experience the Happiness Programme for yourself. For this reason, JBE Health has created a Happiness Programme Taster session that can be held exclusively for your business and a select number of colleagues. Leaders or professionals involved in the company’s management or decision-making processes can reap many benefits from the programme.

With a blend of coping strategies, positive practices, and humour, I aim to make the Happiness Programme taster session as fun and light-hearted as possible while delivering actionable techniques for promoting and maintaining good emotional health. Happiness Programme taster sessions are designed to encourage audience participation and give a real feel of the style, tone, and content of the course. The recommended minimum attendance is 6 people and the session will last approximately 20 minutes and are delivered via  Zoom or Teams.

All companies can benefit from the support and techniques that emotional health teachings can offer, regardless of the industry. An external training provider can promote techniques in a manner that encourages openness and humour, without judgment or preconceived ideas. Positive emotional health techniques to support leaders and teams has been encapsulated in my popular Happiness Programme that has been delivered over 100 times to organisations from many different industries. Now, I would like you and your organisation to experience the Happiness Programme and discover how supporting emotional health can boost employee morale and improve interactions across teams or departments. 

A brief outline of the Happiness Programme Taster Session:

  1. Brief introduction and background/experience
  2. The aims of The Happiness Programme and how the webinars are structured
  3. Laughter Yoga – why and how?
  4. Emotional Health – our secret superpower for coping, wellbeing, and success
  5. ‘Problem Page’ topics covered typically during the webinars
  6. The world’s most effective technique for managing powerful emotions

Adapt training to suit your organisation’s needs

The Happiness Programme is a dynamic and adaptable course that can be tailored to your organisation’s specific requirements. Content, features, and agenda can be designed to fit your needs, depending on what you think will benefit your particular employees the most. Even the name of the programme can be altered to better reflect your company’s culture or goals. During the session, you and your colleagues will experience some of the key techniques and strategies used for good emotional health management, as well as having a first-hand experience of the virtual presentation style.

jon webinar virtual happiness programme taster training session

I will cover some of the course’s teachings, and provide examples of the techniques used. My hope is that this taster session will provide valuable insights into how the Happiness Programme can reset your team’s emotional positivity and imbue your employees with a renewed sense of purpose. The full Happiness Programme is designed to help your colleagues cope, thrive, and succeed in their environment, without becoming dependent on damaging or negative coping strategies.

Organisations that have committed to sharing the Happiness Programme with employees understand that the people that run their daily business are one of their most valuable assets, and are dedicated to ensuring their employee’s emotional health is cared for. Some studies suggest that supporting employees’ emotional health can save up to 30% of the costs associated with resulting illness or absenteeism.

Having an emotionally healthy workforce can help with:

  • Maintaining good mental health
  • Preventing  feelings of overwhelm
  • Reducing destructive stress
  • Overcoming setbacks
  • Handling challenges
  • Resilience to disappointment

Positive emotional health also helps to promote feelings of empathy, generates a better understanding of individuals, and the impact of situations. For businesses, this improved and invigorated emotional state leads to better performance from teams and leaders, meaning a full return on salary investments. For employees that are feeling less than able to cope, their ability to perform at full capacity will be greatly reduced, meaning a loss of focus and possibly a diminished working capability. There are many working days lost due to the inability to cope with stress, fatigue, or mental strain, which can affect the financial health of an organisation.

 Sometimes a refreshed view with targeted emotional health training tactics can be enough to ‘right the ship’ and create a sense of motivation and value among important team members. Many attendees report feelings of being inspired or appreciating the practical tips learned during the Happiness Programme, as well as acknowledging the backing and support provided by their company.

But don’t just take my word for it, I have positive reviews and feedback from many of the organisation’s that have scheduled training courses. Please take a moment to review some of the video and written testimonials from companies that have participated in my training programmes and have found tremendous benefits from the teachings shared. 

To book your taster session contact JBE Health and discuss your specific course requirements in details. 

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Jon is a highly experienced wellbeing specialist, trainer and clinician who helps busy, overwhelmed people to boost joy, bounce-back-ability and performance in and outside of work.