New Year’s Resolution – Don’t Just Cope. Thrive and Succeed as Well!

Every year so many of us set up personal New Year’s Resolutions with a view to doing things better. Usually, the most popular Resolutions are health-focused, such as quitting smoking, losing weight or giving up alcohol. However, Leaders’ New Year’s Resolutions will also sometimes include ‘business goals’ too.

These may be obvious such as increasing profitability or decreasing business costs, but they also often relate to the Leader’s personal life and can include commitments to spend more time with family or friends, to re-engage with a long-abandoned hobby or to change jobs because the current one is too stressful.

Stress! What Stress?

With regards to that final Resolution, the biggest source of stress reported in 2019 according to Forbes was, you’ve guessed it, “The Boss”. Worryingly, 80% also noted that a change in leadership affected stress levels too.

As workplace stress has a negative impact on personal relationships and as we know that “Management stress” tends to be contagious, now is a good time for you to review your New Year’s Resolutions and to perhaps put some processes in place that could mean 2020 would be your professional and personal best year ever! The benefits are huge, not just for you as a c-suite / executive leader but also for the rest of your team, cascading to the rest of the business also.

Before you think that stress can be eliminated for good by a simple job change however, (which could possibly be the case) think whether you will be taking the same issues to your next role and whether you need to find a better way to respond to the challenges you face in life, both professionally and personally perhaps?

20 in 20

I really enjoy working with organisations such as Nike and Dow [click the names to see their testimonials] so one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to engage with at least 20 more global organisations in 2020. I’m calling this particular Resolution ’20 in 20’.

This will give me the opportunity to help potentially thousands of hard-working, conscientious, high achieving individuals who may be feeling overwhelmed by a combination of multiple work demands and complex personal issues, and to help them understand that they have got options for not only coping with what’s on their plates, but that they can be confident about thriving and succeeding as well.

How will I do that? By walking the walk as well as talking the talk. That means putting myself out there and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, by practising what I preach, by being authentic, by constantly challenging myself to find new methodologies that really work and by sharing those methodologies with my existing and new clients in as many ways as I possibly can.

As you can see, this particular Resolution of mine weaves together business and personal elements and my aim is to be part of the relatively small number of people that actually carry their Resolution through to the end of the year! Roll on 2020!

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About the Author

Jon is a highly experienced wellbeing specialist, trainer and clinician who helps busy, overwhelmed people to boost joy, bounce-back-ability and performance in and outside of work.