Top 6 Reasons for Choosing an External Training Provider

As an independent specialist leadership trainer, I’m occasionally asked (usually by the CFO or Finance
Dept of a prospective client) why they should engage my services when they could use their own in-house trainers.

Here are my Top 6 Reasons on why you should choose JBE Health before reverting to your in-house team.

  1. UNIQUE: I present a unique blend of physiological, psychological and personal development
    techniques that have garnered praise from some of the best-known companies in the

  2. EXPERTISE: My extensive clinical experience of successfully helping thousands of individuals
    to improve their physical and emotional health in the NHS and in private practice
    means audiences recognise I’m an acknowledged expert in this area. Establishing trust and
    rapport is therefore immediate.

  3. PERCEPTIONS: It’s natural for people to perceive that an external provider is more of an
    authority on a subject than a colleague or co-worker.

  4. OBJECTIVITY: My interaction with attendees is an objective one. There is no risk of overfamiliarity
    and therefore no-risk of pre-judging the audience which could lead to unconscious
    biases in the nature of the material and style of delivery.

  5. FRESH: The diversity of clients, global locations and demographics that I work with means
    that I’m always refreshing my material and being challenged and / or questioned from many
    different standpoints so I have to stay at the top of my game and ensure my material is up
    to date

  6. TRACK RECORD: I’ve been a self-employed training provider for more than 20 years – you
    don’t last that long unless you’re doing something right.

  7. RAVING FANS: My reputation is invested in me delivering training that a) makes the attendees
    feel they have invested their time wisely and b) makes the person who commissioned
    my training feel they have invested their training budget wisely. I want my clients to become
    raving fans so I’ll always go the extra mile when I can – which is why I’ve given you 7 reasons
    for choosing JBE Health and not just 6!

    You can read or view short video’s here.

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About the Author

Jon is a highly experienced wellbeing specialist, trainer and clinician who helps busy, overwhelmed people to boost joy, bounce-back-ability and performance in and outside of work.